DAWID Panel fencing

  • DAWID D-1
  • DAWID D-1
  • DAWID D-1
  • DAWID D-1


Parameters of d-1 type panel fencing:

  • welded net with mesh of 50x200 mm
  • diameter of horizontal wire and vertical wire - 5.0 mm (standard)
  • light version
  • diameter of vertical wire - 4.0 mm,
  • diameter of horizontal wire - 5.0 mm
  • post height and panel height are given in the table
  • post is made of closed profile 40x60 or 40x80 mm
  • end caps for vertical wires

  • DAWID D-2
  • DAWID D-2


D-1 and D-2 fencing differs in panel deflection depth and height.


  • Panel width – 2,500 mm
  • Wire diameter
  • Type D-2 – horizontal wire d- 5 mm, vertical wire d-5 mm
  • Type D-2 light – horizontal wire d- 5 mm, vertical wire d-4 mm
  • Mesh spacing 50 x 200 mm
  • Height from 0.63 mm till 2.43 mm
  • Bar profile rectangle 40x60x2 mm with installation strip
  • Colour from RAL palette

Advantages of DAWID fencing

  • D-1 and D-2 type fencing is easy to install
  • Hot-dip zinc-coating and powder coating ensures high corrosion resistance
  • Unique anchoring system with anchoring strips ensures quick installation, good aesthetic appearance and safety of the fencing.
  • Wide range of colours from RAL palette, according to the client’s requirements