Other types of MEISER Gratings

  • MEISER Louvre Gratings

MEISER Louvre Gratings

Louvre gratings will always find a use wherever people don’t want other people to peer through — on bridges, gangways, elevated walkways, ventilation grilles, balconies with sun shield function and building exteriors.

  • MEISER Full Gratings

MEISER Full Gratings

Full gratings are press locked gratings with bearing bars and cross bars of equal height and which have been notched up to half of their height. The bearing bar is defined as that bar which sits at both the ends and the underside of which is not notched.

  • MEISER Finned gratings

MEISER Finned gratings

Finned gratings are both decorative and practical. Which is why they are suitable for all kinds of purposes. As a rule, they are used as shaft covers for underfloor convection heating and as overflow channels at swimming pools.