LAVINET ceilings

  • LAVINET ceilings
  • LAVINET ceilings
  • LAVINET ceilings
  • LAVINET ceilings

Fully prepared panels from expanded metal mesh "LAVINET" can be painted with powder paint according to the RAL colour palette (for inside rooms) or hot-dip galvanized (for outside). Can be custom made from aluminium, copper or stainless steel.


  • Standard dimensions of sheets (warehouse program) 600x600mm and 1200x600mm
  • Custom dimensions


Ordinary T shape ceiling frames are used for the installation of the standard panels. Large dimension panels are tightly fastened to the metal frame.


  • Light weight - 2.6kg/m2
  • Easy installation
  • Good transparency and penetrability
  • Possibility to lay insulation materials on top
  • Suitable when installing stationary sprinkler fire extinguishing systems
  • Easy maintenance and repairs of communication systems that are under the ceiling
  • Wide range of colours
  • Hot-dip galvanized ceiling - the only anti-corrosive solution for field conditions