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  • CODINA nets

The structure of the wire mesh is similar to the structure of the textile products, it's flexible and easily adaptable, but at the same time strong and durable material.

From one side this mesh looks like a transparent cover, and from the other side as a strong wall that reflects the lights and colours that surround the mesh.

Different widths, lengths, densities of the mesh and thickness of wire allow to implement incredible projects. Strength, resistance and almost eternal time of exploitation of the stainless steel match the requirements of current times. Manufactured by the Spanish company "Codina"

Facades from the woven wire mesh

The structures of the stainless steel, created on the textiles basis, constantly change, depending on the light and keeps creating new look of the building. Transparent structures are the prevailing style in the architecture of the commercial and public purpose buildings of the XXI century. They reflect not only the light, but also the corporate image of the modern company: transparency and sociability.

Transparent cover for universal buildings

Material of wire mesh, intended for the facade of the parking lot, unites the aesthetic design and extreme resistance. Provides buildings with dynamics and new perspectives of functionality and aesthetics. Stainless steel wire mesh is used for the facades of the building, allows the light to penetrate into the floors of the parking lot, but at the same time protects from wind, rain and snow.

Protective steel curtains

Stylish decor to ensure the safety of goods. Stainless steel wire mesh, used in the shop doors or windows, become protection shutters. They provide security to the goods, but do not cover them at the same time. After the creation of a proper lighting, wavy shutters can be considered an integral part of a building, a decoration element of the showcase.

Interior design – ceiling is the main accent of the interior

By using the woven wire mesh, precise geometric figures or wavy ceiling can be formed. Wire mesh creates cosy environment, reduces the magnitude of structures, hides the ventilation ducts, and ensures the optimal air circulation.

Partition of spaces

The transparent stainless steel wire mesh partition walls are separating elements for the division of the internal space. By playing with lights the mesh opens wide possibilities for the interior design. Can also be used as projection partition to hang the Logo of the company.

Transitional spaces

tainless steel wire mesh is used to cover the external stairways of the parking lots or other public purpose buildings, as well as bridges and balustrades. The material can be folded according to the bends of the bridges or round constructions of the stairways.