Filtered grids and sieves

  • Filtered grids and sieves
  • Filtered grids and sieves

The main function of filtering grid is a filtration of the liquid and plastic processing. Filtering grid and sieves manufactured with ordinary or double insertion. The main charasteristics describe the carrying capasity of the grid and the number of wires per


Non-alloy steel (Eyehole dimensions, mm)

  • Black steel – 0.120-3.150mm
  • Galvanized steel – 0.200-3.150mm
  • Tinned steel – 0.200-3.150mm

Alloy steel (Eyehole dimensions, mm)

  • Stainless steel – 0.032-2.500mm

Non-ferrous metals (Eyehole dimensions, mm)

  • Copper – 0.112-2.000mm
  • Brass - 0.080-2.000mm
  • Bronze - 0.032-2.000mm


  • Standard width of the mesh – 1m
  • Standard length of the roll - 25 or 30.5m