Perforated sheets

Perforated sheet steel is a metal material offered by the German concern MEVACO widely used in unique interiors, furniture design and façade coverings.

The variety of spacing form and size of perforated sheet steel allows putting original ideas into life. Thanks to bending, cutting and painting possibilities, it is possible to create completely finished original and functional solutions. The whole MEVACO product range complies with EN ISO 9002 standard. MEVACO products can be found everywhere in our surrounding environment, but they seldom conspicuous. Probably because they never obstruct the view and blend harmoniously into the surroundings.

Areas of use of perforated metal sheets


  • Façade decoration

  • Stair railings and decoration

  • Various partitions

  • Radiator decoration elements

  • Air conditioners

  • Wall frames

  • Balcony railings

  • Bath equipment

  • Fireplace decoration


  • Shop equipment

  • Furniture design

  • Advertising panels

  • Filters

  • Cooler grating

  • Lamp shades

  • Benches, wardrobes, shelves

  • Gates

  • Food industry: baking trays, sifting machinery

  • Multiple other structures and decorative elements

MEVACO perforated sheets

MEVACO perforated sheets

There are numerous materials and standard perforations available in store.

MEVACO textured sheets

MEVACO textured sheets

Thanks to their harmonious shapes, textured sheets are particularly decorative. They create an appealing atmosphere where used in shopfitting and trade fair exhibit construction, panellings, stairs or railings.

MEVACO riflled

MEVACO riflled

They create attractive ambience wherever they are used – shop equipment, exhibition booths, of stairs or railings manufacturing, exterior and interior.

MEVACO Profile edgings

MEVACO Profile edgings

Profiles quickly and simply edge perforated sheets, textured sheets, meshes or unperforated material.